Before diving in and addressing any acute issues, I develop an in-depth understanding of your unique situation. Each person has different habits, genetics and is at a particular phase in their life. The best supportive regimens use all of this information to address acute, chronic and underlying issues.

1. Develop your health profile

To take you through the holistic journey, you need to fill the questionnaire about your allergies, diet, lifestyle, illnesses, complaints etc. This helps me understand your body needs and the journey begins.

2. Initial consultation

During consultation we will discuss further, to gather in-depth knowledge of your health history to identify the underlying cause of presenting symptoms.

3. Physical tests (if needed)

To identify and confirm the nature of illness and signs of nutritional deficiency we will conduct a few tests in the clinic during consultation. Additional Naturopathic tests may be advised for further analysis.

4. Support regimen and follow-up

According to the nature of illness and body type the tailored treatment plan will be suggested. The aim is to educate you to look after your own health, minimizing the symptoms supporting the body’s capacity to heal, and balancing the body so that illness is less likely to occur in the future.

Initial consultation details

In our first consultation we will step through the case history form and discuss the status of your health and the factors behind it. The more I know about you the more I can help you bringing back balance. I also look at your body’s physical indicators like skin tone and condition, eyes, nails (please remove nail varnish) and tongue. I might also suggest you do further functional medicine Testing. Examples, Hair Mineral and heavy metal check, Stress test, Hormonal testing, digestive health and immunity testing. This depending on what you need help with, what you want, and your finances. This category of tests is sent to a lab for analysis and they vary in cost. 

The treatment plan suggested will be a mixture of Dietary changes, Healing Foods and Super Foods, Herbs and Supplements, Bach flower remedies, Homeopathic remedies, Detoxification, and Lifestyle changes. The treatment plan is tailored for you in a unique way as no 2 plans are the same.

Stage 1

The treatment plan will be in several stages. At your first appointment you will enter stage 1 of your health protocol which will include:

  • The interpretation of your health history and what the root cause to your problems might be, using your questionnaire.
  • Initial diet recommendation. You will get a suggested diet plan with recipes for you to start with initially.
  • An introductory supplement and herbal program.
  • Additional Homeopathic remedy as well as Bach remedies (2 of these included in the consultation price)
  • Naturopathic techniques and exercise program.  

Stage 2

After your second appointment you will enter Stage 2 of your health protocol:

  • We will look at your previous diet plan and see how it has gone and adjust it accordingly.
  • Updated supplement and herbal program as well as homeopathic remedy
  • At some point in the health program I will suggest a tailored cleansing or detoxing plan.
    • Naturopathically this is a very important part of healing and longevity.
    • I will rarely do this at first appointment as there are several principles that need to be in balance before a cleansing or detox program

It can be hard to change so I am happy to support you on a more long- term basis. This can be done via more follow up appointments or telephone appointments. Email support is free for a month after each appointment.

For optimum health and vitality, the following principles need to be balanced:

  • A nutritional clean diet
  • Supplements to prevent deficiencies in the body
  • Regular exercise
  • Spend time outside daily
  • Relaxation time and anti-stress techniques
  • Enough pure water
  • Positive thinking and mental exercises

Bachelor of Health Sc (Naturopathy) | Dip. Ancient and Modern Naturopathy | Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery
Fellow ANTA


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